Be the Queen/King You are Meant to Be with These 3 Truths

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Did you know that you’re meant to shine from the inside out? And this glow is 100% in your hands! It’s your responsibility. To be the Queen or King that I believe you are, you have to stop believing lies and embrace the truth. Without truth, you will play small…

Queen Nad :p

How we lost our way

We all come into this world perfectly us. Perfectly unique. And perfectly odd. haha And soon enough, we get shaped up and we start to believe things that are not our nature.  It is easy to feel and believe that we are not enough, unworthy or inferior because of the bad experiences we had in the past. And by believing those lies, you attack your Self. But I’ll let you in on a little secret my friend: come close… a little closer… ok. Ready? Here it is:  It is your own responsibility to break free of the lies and live in the light of the truth.

You’re probably wondering what the truth is. Well The truth is very simple and here it is: Whoever you are. Whatever you are: There are 3 truths you need to know: 1-You are enough and whole. 2-You are worthy and important. And 3-You are equal and capable.

Its’ really that simple.


The truth: 

Again I say: the truth will set you free:



You are enough as you are. Wether you have a huge nose or a small one. Weather you have been rejected or not. Weather you have an IQ of 105 or 142. Wether you are short or tall. Wether you have long hair or you are bald. Weather you have a PHD or you are on wellfare. Wether you have all your teeth or are missing a few. Wether you have been criticized or praised all your life. Weather you have been abused or treated well… NO matter what the deal is: YOU ARE ENOUGH” You are not flawed. you are not broken. You are not missing anything. You are not a mistake. You are not lacking. Read this again if you must. Listen to me, its easy for our brains to deduct stuff like 1+1=2. But it’s not that simple. Not because you were abandoned by a parent, put up for adoption, rejected by someone that you must believe that you are not enough or that you are flawed. This is a lie your brain has come to believe. You are enough my friend. You’re welcome!

This brings me to…



Even if you have been taught that you are no big deal, that is a lie. Even if you believed that you are not worthy because you have been insulted and beaten on in your childhood, that is a lie. You are valuable and important my friend. Just like everyone else. If your needs and wants weren’t acknowledged when you were a child, they still mattered. It was just your surroundings that were messed up. Don’t believe the lie because you are worthy and important, I promise. Whatever the situation is, I want you to repeat to yourself and know that your soul has value and is as important as anyone else’s.

And finally,


No, you are not inferior to anyone. You are equal to all human beings. In a superficial society, some people will put beauty on a pedestal and think someone is superior because of their looks, social status and money . Ha! I call BULLSHIT ! We think a known actress has more value to the lady living next door. Yeah ok. To be honest? I feel sorry for the people who believe that crap because it is so empty. Love a person for their soul, their mind and for the chemistry you have to play together and have each other’s backs!  We are all equal. And we are all capable of greatness. Remember that.


I found the best way to come back to the truth: 

Take out a paper and a pen and let’s get to work!


The triggers that make you believe those lies

Triggers are moments or events that make you feel unworthy, not enough or inferior in that moment.  Write down what your triggers are that reinforces your false belief. You will know they are triggers because of the way you feel (unworthy, not enough or inferior) when a situation presents itself and the unease you feel within. Then you must find new meaning (outside yourself)  to the triggers.


Let’s look at examples of triggers that can make us think we are unworthy. not enough. and inferior. and let’s give them new meanings with keeping in mind the TRUE messages:



I am unworthy VS I am worthy and important:

  • Trigger: ” bf giving attention to people on the table except his gf ” no longer means that she is not important, it could mean that he lacks bf training and that she can talk to him about OR she needs to become more sociable and talk to someone new that night.
  • “Someone minimizing your feelings”  no longer means that my feelings are unimportant but rather that maybe that person is not very used to dealing with compassion or maybe I can express myself a little better.

I am not enough VS I am good enough as I am (and whole): 

  • “Someone leaving you” no longer means that you are not good enough but rather That i am Great but maybe the vibration wasn’t a match and that I’ll find someone that vibes better with me and gets my magic.
  • “Your girlfriend going out with her friends for drinks” no longer means that you are not good enough to spend time with but rather that it makes her happy to connect with the girls and it’s good for you to to connect with the guys. You like to see each other happy and free.

I’m inferior VS I’m equal ( and capable) 

  • “Your GF rolling her eyes when you talk” is not because you are inferior than her but rather demonstrate a bad attitude on her part today, maybe she has something to get off her chest.
  • “A friend bragging about her amazing life on FB” doesn’t mean you are inferior because your life is kind of normal right now compared to hers but maybe that she needs to brag to feel good but you don’t know the whole story. Plus, you have a great life if you choose to count your blessings.


A new life is just a perception away…. Now let’s look at habits


The habits 

When your brain believes something, it needs reinforcement in that direction and so we develop bad habits to support stupid beliefs. That explain why some people will self sabotage and make themselves unhappy. Let me give you examples:



Habits that makes you feel worthy (whole):

  • instead of the habit of Feeling sorry for yourself for a bad childhood, You can choose to explain that bad childhood by believing that you had unfit parents and not putting the blame of you ( an innocent little child!). How about feeling that even though you had it bad, look at where you are now! A true winner.
  • Instead of the habit Focusing on past rejections, focus on a bright future by working towards your dream! The past is gone because it wasn’t meant to be!

Habits that makes you feel  good enough (whole): 

  • Instead of the habit of People pleasing by overcompensating, just choose to be yourself! And screw who leaves! Let them! You are magnificent just the way you are.
  • Instead of the habit Comparing yourself to other people’s highlights, become more realistic and understand that what people show is just that: SHOW! Just know that what you see or what you hear is never ever the whole story and start being grateful for all that you have.

Habits  that makes you feel equal (capable) 

  • Instead of the habit of not eating well, make it a priority to eat 3 meals a day because it is good for you and you deserve the best treatment.
  • Instead of Being lazy and procrastinate on your goals, choose to take action like a winner because you can!


Every time you get back in the lie loop, I suggest you claim your truth and say “NO! I AM WORTHY, ENOUGH AND EQUAL” and then engage in better habits and give triggers a better meaning!


Life will never be the same again, believe me …


I hope you liked it Friend,


Nadia Farag xxx

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‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag