Discipline is the #1 Skill to Develop

Whatever you want in life is at the end of a discipline ritual. No matter how smart or skilled you are:  Nothing will work unless you do! Easy? NO! Simple? Always!

OH! So you thought you’d be a millionaire in 5 years while you do nothing but say you will? And you thought you would be a total success without working on your thought habits everyday? YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD ALL FALL OFF A TREE ONTO YOUR LAP TOO???….  I BEG YOUR FREAKEN PARDON?

Get Up!!!


Haha you’re scared now aren’t ya!

No self made success is achieved without hard work. Yes, your dad might be rich and hand you money and yes, you might smile and look ok to the world but feel empty inside…  I’m not talking about fake reality. I’m not talking about show. I am talking about real success inside out. I’m talking about success in the areas that mean the most to you.

But wait! Before you start, you need a plan! And before the plan, you need to figure out what it is You truly want. And before you … haha just kidding!  For real though, you first need to figure out what it is you want!

The most effective way to do this is by figuring out what you want your life to look like in the long term. Lazy people usually look for short term gratification( mindless going out, drinking, eating fast food, TV binging, wasting time… )


And sometimes we get lazy because we have no direction and no compelling goals that excite us.

Your goal can be ANYTHING under the sun from making money to becoming the best version of yourself to losing 20 pounds to writing a best seller. I just want to remind you that most people excel in some areas in life and lack in others. Having goals keeps you moving forward in areas that can change your life for the better. 

Homework: Make a list of what you want, the date you want it accomplished by and then….. add a little “why” to it. The stronger your reason for wanting something, the stronger the drive you will have to accomplish it. Here are a few of my goals for example sake… most I kept private :p) :

(Skip through to the next section if you already have set some goals) 


My Goals as Example:

  1. Growing my hair (My bangs to reach my chest) Why? Because it suits me better and I feel feminine which is my natural energy. 
  2. Get fit and healthy like never before- flat toned stomach December 20th 2018- WHY? Because my energy and vitality is felt in everything that I do and I am a woman that takes care of herself
  3. Publish cancer book: March 1st 2018- WHY? To help and give tools I wish I had to thousands of people who are going through this difficult time
  4. Publish 1 post a week on my blog- Right now- WHY? To help me gain discipline and by telling people I will do it, it pushes me to do it more because I’m a woman of my word. Plus, the more I write, the more I get skilled. Remember, to be talented at something, you need 10 000 hours of practice! Hollyyyyyyyy I have some hours to catch up lol
  5. Get my new car- December 2018 – WHY? Because I love to spoil myself for a year well done. This will be my present for having accomplished big goals in 2018. Plus? I loveeeeEEEeEe that car :p
  6. Be a successful online entrepreneur for women: April 1st 2018- WHY? Because I have an eye for what will work and I want to maximize this gift. Plus? I want to have 7 streams of income, this will be one of them that will keep running even if I move across the globe.
  7. Develop a Self-development program: September 2018- WHY? Because my ultimate love is self-development and Public speaking and it is also something I’m great at. By working on this, I will be able to grow an audience with time and do what I love.


Now let’s Look at Actions to Make those Goals Reality:

Once I knew what I want to get done, I broke it down into daily rituals:

1-Growing my hair: DISCIPLINE: Scalp massage daily and take Long & Longer supplements everyday. Eat a healthy diet everyday 

2-Get fit and healthy as never before: DISCIPLINE: Go to the gym everyday (I know i’m nuts but when Im dedicated to something? I’m an all in kind of gal! Sue me lol) Prep meals and cook healthy food twice a week: Wednesdays and Sundays

3.Publish my book: Write daily a minimum of 30 minutes

4.Publish a minimum of 1 post a week : Write in my down time at night when I’m free

5.Get my new car: Closer to December, I will be actively searching for the car.

6.Be a successful online entrepreneur : Bought my domaine (done), Ordered my 5 products(done but waiting). Goal: Take pics of the 5 products in one session and Build my new e-commerce and marketing plan in one weekend

7.Develop a Self-development program: Work 1 day a week (mondays) on my powerpoint for now until my book is published. 3 days a week after that. Once done, get a group of 10 people to test material on (one weekend).

You see, these actions make the goals realistic and possible. Without them, my goals would be nothing but wishy washy dreams

Productivity and Actions

Do you see how my days have become so productive? It’s all about productivity and taking action. Without these daily tasks and without the discipline to make them happen, none of it will ever happen and I would be stuck in wishful thinking. The “one day” I will…… kind of person?  NO NO NO that’s not you! YOU? You DO and one day you certainly will arrive 😉


Don’t Forget 

The success you see in other people’s lives (in any area) is at the highlight  stage. You see the end product of hustle and grind. It is easy to think: “OH! Well he’s just lucky.” No he’s not just lucky. He made moves. He made it happen.  You don’t know how much pain and hustle someone had to endure behind the scene!

We see the end result but much of it was build in pain, risk, isolation, sweat, early in the morning or late at night… and often in the dark of uncertainty and totally alone.



Brian Tracy — ‘Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1000 percent Return on Energy!’

I always thought planning was just a waste of my time but I realized that without it? Nothing gets done and things take much longer to get accomplished. Now I plan every single day for half an hour. And I enjoy the hell out of it! Its my self care time. I use different colours in my planner for each project… haha i’m such a geek … YOU LOVE IT! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT! :))

I plan a little heavier on Sundays to prep for my week. It’s good to look at the big picture of how things are going with your current plan. Don’t be rigid! If you need to reajust, adapt! And for the love of God, do not try to cram up a million things to do into a single day! I made this mistake when i first started planning my days.  This shouldn’t stress you but rather make you feel accomplished and the most badass person you know! Again, a planned day shouldn’t leave you without some down time. It should leave you feeling proud and fulfilled!


If you do this correctly, you will enjoy your days way more. If you feel more stressed, loosen up and go get a cocktail!!


Still not convinced? You will attract like-minded people.

I leave you with this beautiful quote I loveeee so much:


‘And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.’- Shanti


Thanks for reading Friend


Nadia Farag xxx

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