Great Advice: Be The “Little Extra” Type of Person for a Badass Life!

Most people are…. lets face it: a little “ordinary”. Ordinary is not-so-bad but really?  Who wants to live a not-so-bad kind of  life?  Most people take the easy way, the lazy way.  That’s ok for some but…

I realized that what lights me up is greatness ! I love great people who do great things and who live great lives: Aces and Kings and Queens Baby!


The edge that makes people great is very very veryyyyyy small. The edge lays in the little extra. This little extra is what puts someone over the top. The difference between extraordinary and the ordinary is very veryyy small. This tiny difference could be found in a smile, in the extra self-love, in the 30 minute workout, in the extra confidence, in the getting back up better after you’ve been knocked down, in the 15 minute discipline ritual, in the hug, in the eye contact, in the planning the day, in the 10 minutes of meditations, in the sweet text, in the standing up for yourself, in the waking up early with your spouse to support them, in the 30 minutes of writing, in the active listening, in the parsley garnish on the hummus hihihi… that’s what happens when you’re writing while hungry :p



In other words, the magic is in the detail! That’s what moves people. That’s what moves YOU. And that’s what makes you great! Its rarely the big stuff that make the difference. The other side of the coin is also true: failure to do the little extra is what puts you in the “ordinary” bin.

Like Tony Robbins says: Success is a lot of little things done well. Failure is failing to do the little things.

Brilliant and so true!

It’s the little extra that put you over the top:

The new mindset I live by is simple:  I try to top myself for myself. I used to give 1000% to others and give myself less than 50%. I know I know…

I now try to give myself 1000% so I can give 100% to others. See the difference? Putting yourself first is in no way selfish. It’s intelligent! When you fulfill yourself, you have so much more overflow to give to others. plus it’s attractive 😉

And it all starts….

Start the Morning Strong:

The little extra is what communicates to yourself that you’re worthy and important. When you give yourself attention and make things a big deal for yourself,  you build yourself up. When you take the time to feed your mind, body and soul… you communicate to your subconscious mind that you have value.

My morning routine is what sets the tone for my whole day. I  practice gratitude, meditation and visualization EVERY SINGLE morning. I sip my morning cup of coffee in silence with a little classical music in the background… it’s almost poetic! Giving myself this time early in the morning makes me feel so good.


Wow Factor

Make everything a little wow! Instead of just throwing something on in the morning, just take a minute or two to truly look at it. Ask yourself if you really love the outfit. Put on the lipstick. Wear the heels. Put on the smile. Treat yourself like you are magic.  Treat your partner like they are magic.  Give your best to any task at hand. It has nothing to do with fashion and superficial stuff, it has everything to do with who it makes of you and how you feel inside… and you deserve to feel at your best everyday!

FIRST: You, YOU and Self-Love

The number one rule here is this: You come first. That little extra I was talking about? Well you must first give it to yourself. Go ahead and make your goals a priority, cook the best meal for yourself, make working out a priority,  buy yourself some flowers if you love them. Seems selfish? NO! You can only give your best to others once you have mastered giving the best to yourself. If not, you will become a doormat who’s just too nice and soon enough, you will feel depleted.

I want you to be so great at fulfilling your own needs and give yourself 1000% that it becomes a part of who you are. Once you have mastered this (took me a little over a month), then give others 100%. It’s the old “put the  oxygen mask on yourself first, and then help others put theirs on” kind of logic. You have to give it all to yourself before you can give the best to others.

Don’t get me wrong, you can give 1000% to others while you take 50% like I used to do. That’s very possible, believe me: I know! But the way you will feel about yourself will suck! When you are not fulfilled, you give from a place of expecting it back: it is not authentic. And you get angry if people don’t react the way you expect them to. When you give from a place of overflow, you do not care at all what happens. All you think is: “Ahhhhh it feels so good to give that extra to others: First, for what it makes of me and Second, I love making people feel good. You give freely and from the heart.

Moreover, I suggest you take some extra time to look in the mirror and look at yourself with love every morning to appreciate your body and looks. Hey buddy? I don’t know if you have realized that THIS body is here to stay until the day you die! You don’t love it? You’re in serious trouble! Everyday, when I put my make up on, I give thanks to God for all that was given to me. Sometimes I get tears from all the gratitude. I thank God for my strong heart, my healthy body, my full lips…  Anything and everything from health to beauty, I thank God for it. Its not about being perfect or narcissistic … its about feeling good for all that you have! It’s not a comparison either. It’s acknowledging your uniqueness and value no matter what you “look” like in the eyes of society. If there are things you can better in yourself, do it! Hit the gym, eat well, dress up in clothes you feel confident in…


THEN, Put effort in EVERYTHING that you touch

This little extra, the things you do is what communicates to others that they are special to you. This is the biggest gift you can give anyone: Your presence and attention. Put on the music. Put the garnish on the plate. Light the candles. Add the whip cream. Just Be THAT kind of person that give others their best. It’s not about if the person deserves your best but rather the person you become by giving your best.


Take a little time to plan the day for Extra energy

Prep is the name of the game! I used to leave the house last minute in a hurry and  go ” ohhhhhhhhhh F*CKKKKKK( insert the curse word of your choice here)!!! I forgot my… ( and insert the item of your choice here lol)”

Instead? Be ready for the day ahead! Enjoy and embrace this power you have of planning ahead!  When I know I have to  leave early in the morning, I prep my smoothie and my coffee for the road. I get my audiobook ready on my phone if I have to drive long distance and I choose my sunglasses for my outfit. It’s about feeling mindful, intentional and calm throughout my moments and experiences and OOOOOohhhhhhh it feels great! Take time to fill your water bottle to hydrate. Treat yourself like royalty so you can have the best experiences all day. If you know that you get cranky when you’re hungry…. (guilty as charged haha) then plan ahead : have some almonds or snacks in the car. (” in case of bitchy mood emergency, break open bag” lol)

You’ll Attract Like-Minded People

The point is to seek continual growth. Never stop learning.

By being the little extra type of person, you will have a need to associate with people that can teach you and can inspire you to grow. My biggest role models are people I admire. They mastered an aspect I haven’tmastered yet and I learn so much from them! “If you’re a millionaire, invite a billionaire to learn from” type of thing!

So let’s make a decision. A commitment. A commitment from this moment on to define ourselves as the little extra type of people. Let’s dance a little more. Let’s work a little more. Let’s follow through a little more. Let’s keep our word a little more. Let’s love ourselves a little more. Let’s learn and study a little more. Let’s be flamboyantly badass a little more. Let’s be passionate and wild a little more. And let’s be in charge of our minds a little more.


hope you liked it… a little more :p

Thanks for reading Friend


Nadia Farag xxx

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