Ground Zero: What you Need to Know Before you Start Working on Yourself.

Ok, so I had my biggest aha moments last week. Like BIGGEST EVERRRRRR! They often say that the simplest ideas are the most powerful ones…YUP! True, True.

Ready to get the gold? Are you sure? I’m advising you: it is so simple that you might think ….


…My Big Aha Moment is … stupid simple:

The saying “Knowledge is Power” is total Bullshit! (Like Bullshit with a capital B!) Knowledge by itself is not power at all. In fact, knowledge by itself is only good for a wise front. But the gold? The real and ultimate Power is in the….. DRUMROLL PLEASEEEEEEE….  The gold is in The actions we take… AKA “walking the talk”! TADAAAAA!

Ok i can hear you thinking “Well DAHHHHH!!! I KNEW THAT! That’s how I live my life!”… Just keep reading lol



I would debate that most people DO NOT DO what they should do to reach their full potential. Knowing what to do is easy! Wanna lose weight? Then go to the gym. Wanna be healthy? eat well.

The “what to do” part is very easy to figure out. But getting up and doing what needs to be done is not so easy. Why is it so hard to do the things we should be doing – losing weight, getting top confidence, getting fit, emotional balance, getting healthy, starting that business, writing the blog (wink wink;) – to bring your life to the next level?

Well,  I will demystify this below. I cracked the freakennnnn code in my own life … Keep reading, this will be good :p

So, let’s recap:  No, it’s not enough to read the book. You have to apply the theory.  No It’s not enough to know that exercising is good for you. You must get yo ass up and jog! And No, it’s not enough to know how to become the quality woman you would like to become, You must act like her. Conclusion? A concept is not enough. A concept without action means nothing! The change needs to be internalized to take actions. And actions will become effortless when we understand one basic concept: 

The science behind The conscious mind VS The subconscious mind….

Ahhhhh: Mystery…


Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

10% Conscious Mind VS 90% Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is 30 000 more powerful than your conscious mind! Insane right?!  This is why it’s almost impossible to create lasting change without tapping into your subconscious!

Your subconscious mind is what keeps your heart beating while you sleep. It’s what keeps you breathing all day long while you do everything else! Incredible. Remember when you learned to drive? When you were in the learning phase, you had to concentrate to drive. You would look at the side mirrors, you would press the brakes. You were fully committed and concentrated to the task at hand because it was so new and foreign to you. That was your conscious mind in action. But one day (as you practiced and practiced) it became a part of you. Now, you can drive while you think of something else without concentrating on every detail of the drive. You even probably remember very little from most of your travels by car! It’s like “OH! I’m already here?!” This is your subconscious mind at work.

The conscious mind represents 10% and the subconscious mind 90%. What this means is simple: Your behaviour is ruled by your subconscious mind. Crazy right? That’s why willpower is almost never enough. You push yourself to do. But when your subconscious is on board? You feel pulled towards your goal.

Do you see the difference between the energy spent when you use your conscious mind (Learning to drive) VS when your subconscious mind takes over (Driving automatically)?


How to tap into this Life changing power

Intellectually “Knowing something” (conscious)  is just not enough to propel you to taking action. Will Power might work for a while but is not sustainable. Ever wondered why the girl that loses lots of weight often gains it back within a year?  Or the person who starts going to the gym gives up after a few months? For lasting change, you must internalize it (Subconscious)

ok Thanks for reading. bye


haha JUST KIDDING!!!! I won’t leave you without giving you the key to your ultimate power: Your subconscious Mind!

This little detail changed everything for me and I can see every detail of my life experience change hour after hour. I changed the way I walk through life. Massive change that I haven’t been able to get in years! This is literally the most important piece of information I found in all my years of studying self-development. Yes, You’re welcome!


Your own thermostat will take over


Your Reality = Self-image

So, we now know that the subconscious mind represents our behaviour. Nowwwwww…. Here comes the diamond: Self image. Self image is how you perceive yourself. The kind of person you believe you are. Your mind might logically (conscious mind) think “I think of myself as a confident woman or man” but your self-image (often very hard to detect) is projecting you as a frail little child that is all alone in  this world (subconscious mind). You might consciously think you are confident but you will subconsciously act as a frail child. Remember, you will act according to the self-image that’s in your subconscious mind (Not what you logically think of yourself!). It is difficult to really know what’s in your subconscious mind but the best way I know how is to look at the life you’re living now. Your internal world and your external one. This is a great indication of your current self-image.  


Whatever you believe about yourself, you will experience.  Anything above or below will trigger drive or sabotage. Let me explain this with an example.

Let’s say you see yourself as a man that makes 100 000 dollars a year. And suddenly you lose your job. You will suddenly be rushed with immense drive until you get another job that pays 100 000$ (drive to action). Now let’s say you have that same self image and you start your own business. All of a sudden, you make 200 000$ in 6 months. You would think that would make you happy… yes, intellectually (Conscious mind) BUT, your subconscious will take over and you will start to sabotage your own success IF you haven’t updated your self-image to match this success. You might start to slack off, not show up to key meetings, fail to make important calls or simply spend it all carelessly. The minute you get back to 100 000$ a year, you will stop the self- sabotaging. Crazy crazy subconscious mind right? haha No no, It’s actually trying to protect us. It does everything in it’s power to match your reality to the image of who you think you are in your head. Wow. God I love science!


Discipline is Your Only Golden Ticket

Soooo, the goal here is to change what you think about yourself. The only way to truly change your life is to work on your self image. The only way to do this successfully is to tap into the subconscious mind. “How” you ask? Imagination  and repetition baby! We are the only species that are blessed with imagination. We are capable of seeing something in our mind before it actually happens. The subconscious mind loves repetition and consistency.


Did you think I would let you go without homework? No no nooooo! :p

Here is your daily homework:

Imagine the person you would need to become to reach your goals day after day. Get detailed about it too. Remember, discipline is key here.


I personally do 2 sessions a day of 15 minutes each. I do this right after my meditation in the morning and once again before bed. I can see massive change in every action I take in my life! I always knew this brilliant top woman was there inside me somewhere… But becoming her has been way more delicious than I thought it could ever be!

You should also know that the reason imagination works so well is that your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between something you imagine and something that is real. The more you visualize the person you want to become, the more you will become that person. And start taking actions that match that new self-image.


Become someone you are proud to be 

Nothing compares to feeling proud of who you have become. Nothing! Believe me. To desire your life and desire yourself. The passion to get up every morning to live your adventure. To hold yourself at your best in mind, body and spirit. I don’t mean that at a superficial level (what we project onto people). I mean the real kind. Real confidence. Real love for your life. Real self-worth. Real goals. Real joy. Real connections to other people. I swear, the day you go infront of the mirror and you smile back out of pure pride of who you have become… FRIEND, THIS WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! And the best thing about this: No one and no situation can ever take that away from you! Ever! This is yours and only yours! It is your intangible power! Others will feel it but they can never take it away, break it or steal it from you in any way! This is the best investment you will ever do for yourself. And from this point on, every experience will be lived with a bang… I promise you this much,

Class dismissed 🙂

Thanks for reading Friend


Nadia Farag xxx

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