Poetry: Hold my Hand by Nadia Farag

Written and Read by Nadia Farag

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Hold my hand and let’s take a walk,

A walk in the endless path to nowhere and talk.

On the right there’s a bunch of trees and greens,

Same on the left, in the distance and in between.


Hold my hand and let’s take THE walk you’ll ever have,

Where I’ll explain to you the harshness of life and halves.

I’ll tell you about how death is the greatest invention,

For you to stop being afraid and live life with full intention.

Hold my hand and let’s walk the path of truth and the end,

Where we talk about how things are and not bury our head in the sand.

We’ll all  die, we’ll all loose, we’ll all feel pain,

This is inevitable, not pessimistic or insane.

Hold my hand and let’s take a stroll,

where we talk truly let the tears out of our soul.

We’ll open up about the transient nature of life,

How unfair it is to love when you know it will end in fire.

Hold my hand and walk through the leaves with me,

Where I’ll tell you all about loss and grief.

The sun dancing and peaking through the trees,

Never felt so alive as this and so free.

Hold my hand and let’s breathe in the air of nature and just being,

Let’s hold the silence and hear the rocks under our feet sing.

The owl is standing somewhere wondering what the hell we’re doing!

And the trees standing tall, thinking absolutely nothing.

Hold my hand and let me tell you about the wisdom of life,

Why I was born with all this knowledge I’ll never know why.

A wise mind is great and expected when you’re 90 years old!

More of a confusion and curse when you’re not that old.

Hold my hand while I carve our names on a tree,

All too poetic to live longer than our destiny.

Somewhere where time is fleeting and things will end in ash,

This walk will be proof that we have once been much more than that.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… ”