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OK OK, IF YOU ASK ME WHAT MY FAVORITE WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGAGE IS, I would have to say: drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. PASSIONNNNNNNN!!!!! (and appreciation…Yes I never play by the rules I’m a little rebel I know! hihi)


So, Why passion?

Because passion is what makes someone wake up at 5 am to go running. Passion is what makes a person hustle after their 3rd start-up fails and still be nutty enough to try for the 4th. Passion is what makes someone love another so completely after being hurt in the past. Passion is what makes someone climb a building without any rope or jump off a cliff with a flying suit (yeahhhhhhh that’s nuts!! haha). Passion my friend… passion is the key to living a grand life …As opposed to merely surviving it! A passionate life is one of adventure, limitless experiences, beauty and daily magic. If you don’t believe in magic honey, keep reading.

Many, many, manyyyyyyyy people lack passion! Our fire was once high when we were kids (awwww cute) and then??? BAMMMMMMMMM!!! We got that fire kicked out of us with all the rules and the jobs and the bills and the routine, and the illusions and arghhhhhhhhhh!!!! (When you think I will motivate you, I THROW A REALITY UPPERCUT haha) If you’re one of the lucky ones, you will get it and you will make it a goal to die before you physically die. What I mean by that is that you will kill that side of yourself and give birth to the passionate you from here on out! For the rest of your life, you will make it a priority to live with Passion. If I can wish one thing for you my friend, this is it! Nothing else. Better to live a few years passionately than 60 years half alive. Something magical happens in the eyes of a passionate person: we feel it as soon as we get close to them!

Life is not always smooth and no, I don’t always have a smile on my face. However, I can honestly say that I have a deep sense of joy for my life. The bad days, I absolutely appreciate because they help me move forward and I don’t take them too seriously. I used to be a bird in a cage, too afraid to risk anything by fear of being judged. Other people tamed me. Why? Because I gave them that power! Their disapproval and opinions meant so much to me that it was the leading factor of most of my decisions. It took time to develop that passion inside me but it was the best decision I have ever made in my whole life.

Here are some tips I think will really help you if you wish to start living passionately or make that fire burn higher baby! Lets cultivate some passion space: Ready, Set, FLAMEEEEEEE AWAYYYYYY

0-Get real!


I call this zero because that needs to happen before anything else can! LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIROR HONEY AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!! Stop rationalizing your mediocre behaviours.



Did you know that you were built with an inner GPS? Time to dust off the spider webs off that thing and turn it on! Your inner GPS is your emotions. Get better at noticing what you feel. When you take a decision and you truly feel good inside, you are heading the right way. If you feel bad, then your GPS is trying to tell you something. This is the moment most people tend to numb: with food, gossip, alcohol, drugs, TV, Facebook, Google, sex… (Insert your addiction of choice here haha). Instead, try to figure out what it’s trying to tell you!!!! They are the best source of growth in your life!

For example, you look at yourself in the mirror and think “OMG I’m so fat YUKKKKK!” GPS is telling you that something feels bad. It could be 2 signals:

1- you talk mean to yourself and

2- you want to become healthy and fit.

After figuring out what the signals are, you can then take steps to fixing the issue: work on becoming more compassionate towards yourself when you self talk and go for a walk to start getting fit.


2-Let yourself indulge to feed your good energy

Don’t forget YOU!! I know too many people who do everything for others and forget to take care of themselves! Many moms do that. I do not agree with this one bit. If you do not take care of yourself, you can’t give your best self to others. Indulge in activities that increases your sense of well being. It could be as simple as lighting a few candles, taking a bath or dancing in your room. Figure out what increases your good energy and do that daily. Make sure you don’t use numbing activities such as eating or watching TV. Passion is energy!

Example How to cultivate your best energy:


You know that vibe when you just scored a hot girl’s phone number? Or that day a few guys whistled at you while you were walking? Or that time you gave a kickass meeting and felt invincible? Now is the time to do the things that bring you back to that energy space! Use your imagination if you need to. Visualize. Personally, my best energy is a feminine one. I feel at my best when I walk tall, back straight, nails done, smiling, energetic, fun, playful etc… I can easily get in that space by closing my eyes and remembering a day I was fully in my feminine energy. Or I put on some music and dance in my room, drink tea, eat a nice salad, work out, wear heals…. All these activities help me reach my ultimate energy. Find out what works for you


3- let yourself cheerlead!!!


Let yourself out of that cage of “I shouldn’t”! Make things a big deal! Express yourself! In your clothes, your thoughts, your smile… just go with it!!! Do you know how sexy it is when someone is just himself or herself and not so careful of how they say something or act??? Pffffffff!!!! SEXYYYYYYYY!

Are you happy to see someone? Say it!!!! Even if it comes out a little strong, who the hell cares!!! People are not focused on you anyway. Let me let you in on a little secret: Sorry to say that to you pumpkin, but most people don’t care about what you do that much: they are more focused on themselves!!! AHHHHHHH INSIGHT!!! We tend to feel so self-centered thinking if we mess up someone will think day and night about it hahaha!!! NO WAY!!!! I laugh when I mess up now!!! And people love to see people being human. Express yourself and don’t over think it so much. FOCUS ON LIVING AS MANY COOL EXPERIENCES AS YOU CAN. Passion comes from Pure expression!


4- Stop, reboot and slow it the F down

EVERYTHING IS GOING TOO FAST!!!! So fast that we have no time to check in with ourselves! So when things go fast, we become slaves to our busy schedules!! I have a morning and a night ritual to counter that and come back to my passionate nature! Every morning I slow down and take 15 minutes to an hour to come back to my source: IT IS MAGICAL! I do things like meditation, gratitude exercises, visualization of my day and writing in my journal. Passion comes from a simple place within. It’s really that simple. I choose my vibes for the day and my days are mostly beautiful ones!


5- hang out with passionate people

If you connect with passionate people, you will feel that inner flame rise and rise!!! That’s human nature. Surround yourself with negativity and I promise you, no matter how positive you are baby, you will sink faster than the titanic!


6- Read or watch

Read books or watch videos about passion and living life fully! I personally watch at least one 5-minute video on YouTube everyday about inspiration or living life. I also love to search for positive quotes or write my blog. By doing that, I automatically get inspired and get into this passionate space! PASSIONNNNN!


7- Use your senses more intensely

Have you noticed how passionate people see every little detail, taste every ingredient separately, notice distinctive smells, feel the breeze on their skin and talk with intensity? They use their 5 senses more intensely. Passionate people have a sort of appreciation for having those senses and they bathe in euphoria when using them. Make it a goal today to use your 5 senses more. Really taste your food, notice the colors when you’re stuck in traffic. Make it your own personal game


8- stretch your comfort zone.

Yes, you must do what scares you! Sucks right? haha Why? Because you will see how far you can go!!! With that comes great self-esteem. And self-esteem lets you embark in bigger projects. So go ahead darling, jump!


9-Put your phone away and give people attention

Passionate people rarely have their attention separated between different stuff. They give their full attention to the task or person at hand! So focus on what you are doing. Do the little things with passion by spicing it up. Hate doing paperwork? Make yourself a nice cappuccino, turn the music up and enjoy the task fully!!!!

Smile, listen, talk, interact, and create experiences!


10- take responsibility for everything in your life

The biggest problem in blaming everything on your problems is that fixing them is not in your hands!!! And your hands are the only things you can control! People will do stuff to you and life will throw you lemons but it’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s what YOU CHOOSE to do with it that really makes a difference! So ditch the victim attitude, it ain’t pretty believe me I’ve been there! Talk like a winner and take charge of your life!

Don’t forget to work on your passion space consistently! Nothing happens overnight darling! But I promise you, if you keep at it, you will uncover a side of you that will have others inspired!! And that is the foundation to leading a successful life!

Thanks for readinggggggg Friend!!! XXXXX


Nadia Farag


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‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag

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