Poetry: Baby Baby go to Sleep by Nadia Farag


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Song by Jorge Méndez
Written and Recited by Nadia Farag

Baby baby go to sleep,
Every night we have a conversation us three.
You me and the moon,
I can’t sleep alone anymore, it’s just too soon.

And even though you’re not here,
I still hold you close, don’t worry dear.
Everywhere with you,
It’s like mathematics: 1 plus 2.

There’s not one day that passes,
That your face doesn’t come in my mind.
Your stupid expressions make me smile,
And the tear follow every damn time.

Day, day sun goes up,
Some mornings I wish the sun was none.
Stay hidden just a few more hours,
Not ready to face the day yet this hour.

Then I get hungry all of a sudden,
Finally i’m getting back to normal.
Turkey salad…. no don’t listen to that song,
I heard a name that resembles yours, the urge is now gone.

Wonder if your hair is still the same,
Have you gained weight or still kept your shape.
Do you still have that same laugh,
And what about that look in your eyes?

I guess that’s  what it looks like to move on,
For a true one it takes long.
Cry cry like we all do,
Thinking of what i knew to be true.

Then I wake myself up and  come back,
To the moment … yes yes im back.
There’s days when it’s hard to breathe,
I look up the sky and remember me.

And then there’s days I know I changed,
I have grown I am not the same.
I know emotions hit us at any age,
Letting through is what it means to be sage.

And so I get back on track,
I learn again how to walk.
Steps without you next to me,
What a liar you could be.

I put my head high,
And I say fuck it again this time.
I walk tall in line,
The doc tells me it’s better for my spine. 

I miss you,
I hate you.
I remember you,
And I can’t wait to forget you. 


Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… ”