Poetry: Get me a Teddy Bear by Nadia Farag


Get me a teddy Bear that I will place on my bed,

The one and only that I won’t toss at the end.

A furry little comforter to ease my mind from racing,

When the nights are getting longer and when I’m longing.

Get me a teddy bear that I will hold when I cry,

When I can’t see the light from the stars in the sky.

When the world seems to be a huge, foreign and a dark place,

My tears can rest on it,  I will hold it up to my face.



Get me a teddy bear I can kiss on the nose,

When my day is so bright, and before I leave my home.

Twirl, dance with it all around when love finds me once again,

Where my heart was once cold and now is ready to open.

Get me a teddy bear that I’ll keep forever from June to may,

That I’ll give as a piece of me to my daughter one day.

I’ll have so many stories to tell her about it for sure,

And she too, will find comfort in that cute little piece of fur…


Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… “