Poetry: I didn’t quite Change by Nadia Farag


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Song by Unknown
Written and recited by Nadia Farag

“-Hey Nadia the glow on your face has amplified?”
“-Aw Really ! well thanks, what you see is just my wild!
I care less and let my light through,
I surely hope this doesn’t offend you.”

“Actually, scratch that, I don’t really care,
If you like me or not, wow! What’s with the stare?
I do what i want this is all,
It’s my life after all!”

“Nooooo my attitude didn’t transform,
Not really I’m just so happy to be in this form!
I like to smile and show my teeth to others,
Yesterday is passed, today is my oyster!”

“-You’ve become so different girl whats going on?”
“-No no I just say no to plans more often.
Ohhhhhh you mean I should play the game?
Yeah I know, but if it’s alright with you, to me its all the same!”

“You think there’s something about me, you wanna have a talk?
Yeah, would love to, I just changed  the way i walk.
You know, looking down all the time really hurt my back and my neck,
The doctor told me it’s better to hold my nose up in the air!”

“Oh, you’re offended because I never answer my phone?
Sorry,  I just can’t stand the annoying ringtone.
I live in the now, in the world, I leave the phone behind,
Tech and fb, yeah its alright im over the hype!”

“-Girl, what’s happening, you’ve disappeared!”
“-No no my darling, I am still here!
Just too busy writing and working,
Admiring the sunrise and finding the awe in living!”

“You’re surprised at all the self confidence?
Yes I just rearranged the way I talk to myself.
Listening to the nay sayers rusted my heart and crushed my hunger,
It looks better on me when I am inspired!”

“-Nadia, you look so sure of yourself, what the hell is going on?
Do you know something that we do not?”
“-Oh, tell me what you believe because I couldn’t know,
Have a seat and I’ll explain as you go.”  

“-Wow, have you become a snob girl? Your taste is so different!”
“-Well, i just prefer exquisite caviar on my crackers!
The texture, the taste, I like to dine high,
And wash it down with an expensive glass of wine!”

“-Ok your dreams are too big you’re crazy!”
“-Not at all, that’s what makes you you and me me!
If life is meant to be lived small,
Oh please shoot me now, and let me end it all!”


Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… “