Poetry: Inside her Heart by Nadia Farag

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Inside her Heart by Nadia Farag

Her heart is like a purse she wears like no other,

Holding the essentials that life has to offer.

Inside it, it is filled with colours and blue skies,

Life could be cruel but her heart is stronger than that.


You can hear children’s laughter all around,

With genuine smiles on their lips, wow what a sound.

The colours of the rainbow shining mighty and bright from the sky to your feet,

You can see her heart glow through her eyes while you pass her on the street.

Here,  the  sound of the cello is all around the air so perfect, so tight,

Where people hum songs and raise goosebumps on their backs.

They look into each other s eyes and put their cards on the table,

“This is all I am” they say,  while removing their gloves and their masks like in fables.


In her heart everyone knows the value of love,

They all know its the most precious, powerful energy of them all.

No hearts are broken because no one here lies,

Everyone speaks the truth of emotions and highs.

People here asks how you are doing and wait for the answer,

If you try to hide it they drop their bag, grab a chair and morph into an interrogator

“I have all the time in the world, a friend is a friend, come on:  let it out”,

With a smile you suddenly feel safe knowing people have your back.


Her heart is filled with real bonds between naked souls,

All connecting on a deep gold standard warm like hot coals.

Filled with purity, deep true caring and perfect grace,

Family by blood or not, that’s nothing more than technicality in this beautiful place.

Inside her heart, all believe in love forever and ever,

Everyone knows that true love can win every battle  sooner or later.

It holds the cream of men that stand out from the rest,

“Who the hell need the bottom when you can have the best”.


Her heart is filled with nurturing and the feminine embrace of a mother,

Softness and kisses on the forehead when you feel you that can’t go any further.

Supporting and lifting each other and  one another,

If you dream to reach 100 feet, we’ll make you aim much higher.


Her heart it holds the broken hearted, the wounded,

She puts her healing hand on their heart to deeply listen.

She tears because of the shakiness in the voice of another,

She looks around and a few are also shedding tears feeling for her.


Her heart holds compassion for the sick,

If she could invent a medicine to heal all, she would dedicate her life to it.

It holds love for the people who have it hard,

If she could save them? oh! She would save them all!

In her place, all are the same kind of everything,

It’s soul to soul, not superficial to nothing.

The people are a rare breed that live here

Oh Yeah!… it just got that kind of real!



She learned to empty her heart of the liars and the mean,

The cold, the criticizers, the mockers, the weak and the unhappy.

She leaked out all the poison of the past from her beautiful heart,

Now it holds love, light: no more place for the cold hearted and the hard.

Her heart is filled with fruits flowers and the bees,

Perfectly long grass and sun warming her knees.

Laying down in a field hand in hand with her one,

That has the same heart as hers, they share the same sun.


She walks slowly along the walls of her heart admiring her work,

Passing her fingers on the texture of different coloured tiles, while she smirks.

How beautiful the world she created for herself,

Not many are blessed, she knows better than anyone else.

“My god, that’s all my doing” she think in surprise,

“My heart was once so grey I cant believe it was mine”.

How cool to now have a heart so rich and tons better,

To think it was once broken  and she glued it back together…



Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… “