Poetry: Mirror Mirror of My Soul by Nadia Farag



Mirror mirror on the wall,

They taught us to see flaws and all.

Sharp pain could bless you with an epiphany,

Force down your throat  a new destiny if you’re lucky.


Mirror mirror on the wall,


Melt in the reflection of your eye and fall.

Find that epic feeling to your soul,

And dismiss every bad thing you were ever told.


Mirror mirror on the wall,


Never ever did I stand so tall.

Never have I seen such beauty,

In the shape of my eyes and energy.


Mirror mirror of my soul,

Since I saw your jewels in gold.

I use to think i was a seven when I was hurt,

Magic finds the tens that know their worth.


Mirror mirror of my soul,

I use to wait for him to make me whole.

Before you receive the nectar of the fruit of life,

Life will kick your ass to make you wise.



Mirror mirror that was once broken in pieces,

Listening to miserable will make you sink.

Careful who words you let in, their match can burn your nest,

Listen to the ones that lift you up instead: Only  the finest.


Mirror mirror on the wall,

These rhymes have the secret to it all.

 I know, because instead of picking apples,

I grew so freaken tall that  I can hand  pick stars without a hassle.



Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… ”