Poetry: Old Souls by Nadia Farag


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Loneliness was a part of everyday life when emotions was pushed to the bottom of the sea,

Please, please, please, don’t feel today: i want to be able to run my errands in peace!

Do the most I can while the mind is still on neutral, i think i still have a few hours,

Before my brain resembles a rollercoaster on overdrive, going full power…


That’s the typical speech of most of old souls in the beginning of their lives in motion,

Still too new to know how to deal with all that beautiful range of emotions.

One day, what kills you in pieces will be the reason you want to wake up every morning a little earlier,

Feeling so deeply must be a curse in the dawn of life, for it to taste so sweet later.


Now the speech of the old souls is very different in the evening of  their life,

After bleeding out so much, you kind of accept you’re a different breed: you see all the signs.

Emotions? Please after you. Come this way, i’ll feel the hell out of you,

I invite you to take me on a ride, let me live you  wild and deep…all of it with a view.


Anger? Come come. Let me feel your violent waves get over my head while I try to sing a song,

Wash over me. 90 seconds? I can totally hold my breath under water for that long!

Sadness? Come on in. How beautiful I can be when my heart aches from all the memories,

I’ll let the tears find their way down to my lips, taste the saltiness from all the stories.


Joy? Welcome old friend. Raise my goosebumps and wake every cell in my body,

How nice to see you in all your light, I think you still look the best on me!

Lust? Remind me of how your whisper could raise the hairs on the back of my neck,

Blow blow blow the wind so intense that the shiver races all over: exactly what i’d expect.


Memories? Sit tight right in front of me and let me marvel at you in a small dose,

Nothing lasts forever…. I think that’s how the story goes.

Whether the dream we had of them was shattered by illusion or taken away by death,

No matter what we do or where we end up, all of us are living life alone… until our last breath…


Thanks for reading friend!


Nadia Farag xxx