Poetry: Rubik’s Cube by Nadia Farag



I’m totally complicated  outside, inside and in the middle,

Just like a game of  Rubik’s cube, how incredibly simple.

You sit for hours getting totally frustrated but at the same time having fun,

But once you get it, it melts into simple colours that  you can always count on.


You’re thinking: Yay, I got a whole row, I almost got it and then some,

Twisting and twisting again and just like that you’re back at square one.

That’s what happens when in front of a treasure chess,

There’s a specific combination that one must have, not guess.



A born team player, I’m a partner kind of gal,

If you’re a part of my clan, you’re in total luck pal!

I paint colourful worlds with nothing in my hand,

Make you feel that you’re in a perfect wonderland.



My mind keeps me floating like I’m on morphine,

At some point you just say “fuck it, lets just be seen” !

Let our energies fly high, totally own the room and impress,

Not even looking at who’s looking at us, they ask: “oh who’s this goddess”?



Light and free, i create the future of my world while i smile,

Like a magician on prozac: that kind of wild.

Swinging my  wand with big gestures in the air,

Don’t you wish you could swallow my pill, i know it ai’nt fair.



To get that drug you must first go through hell and back,

Some say it aint worth it, i beg to differ Jack!

As yesterday’s pain melts into todays strength,

The ashes of the past are too serious, i rather laugh the length.


Thanks for reading Friend


Nadia Farag xxx

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