Poetry: Through Hell by Nadia Farag

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Song by Unknown
Written and recited by Nadia Farag

Fire, Flames circling you,
Rather you feel the heat blind you.
“When you’re going through hell keep going”,
That’s what Winston Churchill once quoted!

You can’t hear the ticking of the clock…
The seconds are running round and round.
The days go by without pity, so fast,
Next thing you know weeks and months have past… 

You don’t run, they say the strong walk,
So you stay put and try to move forward.
You take one painful step at a time,
And you imagine the feeling when you’ll see light.

One morning, something is different,
The flames around you are tamed.
You can hear something outside,
You open your eyes by a feeling that softly brushes your heart.

Your heart is open,
Your mind is clear,
You no longer need anything,
It’s calm, no fear!

You rise up and you take a step,
You see a tree with bright flowers ahead.
Calm river slowly running free,
Your reflection in the warm sun weakens your knees.

Your lips do something they haven’t done in a while,
They follow the shape of a thin moon towards the sky.
Without booze or drugs,
No need for a fake hug.

Sound of relief,  its warm here, warm there,
It feels like jumping on a huge marshmallow in the air.
Afraid it will leave you soon?
No way! You trust it like the appearance of the moon.

It takes you way back,
To when you were 8 or 9.
No worries in the world,
Not needing walls and swords.

You turn around and the flames are gone,
Only nature mountains, water, and rocks.
Laughter comes out of your belly,
You can’t, no you don’t want it to stop, it tastes too sweet!

You’re different,
You’re a giant,
At peace with everything,
Just living, living, living!

You move and talk slowly,
You’re living endearingly.
You don’t move fast, you dance, you waltz.
You don’t talk loud, you sing lyrics in part.

You surprise yourself as such,
But then again not so much.
The strength to walk through fire,
Was born out of this desire.

Nothing has become perfect,
The world kept spinning the same way.
Nothing around you is any different,
You are just not the same.

Really, nothing around you is any different….
You’re not the same… You’re the one that changed…


Thank you for reading 🙂


Nadia Farag xxx

“I refuse to believe that Poetry is Dead… “