The 2 Voices inside of You: Who will win?



We all have 2 voices inside of us: The weak voice and the champion voice.

It’s really that simple.



We all have it. Oprah has it. Warren Buffet has it. Dwayne Johnson has it. Bill Gate has it. You have it. And I have it. The most successful people have it. And the most unsuccessful people have it too.

I Know you can see where i’m going with this 😉



The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful

The rule is this: The successful? They push through to do the little things that they know makes their life move forward even when they don’t feel like it. What do they do when they are sick of the grind? They do it anyway ! What do they do when they hate doing it? They do it and They get the job done! They push through the feelings and they get it done! They go through the motions no matter how they feel. In other words, they listen to their Champion Voice. 


All in all, your feelings shouldn’t lead your actions. Your goals should.

What do most people do? By most people I’m talking about 95% of the population. Well you guessed it: They listen to the weak voice! The voice of the path of least resistance and we, as human beings are hardwired to take the easy path. This easy path doesn’t ask you to push yourself to do something. Nope! The path of least resistance tells you to eat the piece of cake because you feel like it, it tells you to blame others for your shortcomings, it tells you  to stay on the couch instead of hitting the gym and it tells you to feel like crap when someone you love broke your heart.

The voice of the champion is harder to follow because it involves a push. a Push in the opposite direction. A push against the flow. It asks of you to take An effort to switch from the easy way to the harder way:

It’s harder to say no to the cake,

it’s harder to take responsibility for your shortcomings,

it’s harder to get up from the couch and go to the gym

it’s harder to be totally confident when someone crushed you down.

Every human being is hard wired to take the path of least resistance, AKA listening to that little weak voice. The weak voice robs you of the truth and is filled with discouragement and fear. The champion voice however,  needs an effort and a  push from you to carry it forward into actions. It needs you to go against the grain to act on it. It needs your courage. That champion voice is the voice of the truth. It is filled with possibilities. Let me give you examples:


Examples of The Weak Voice VS The Champion Voice

Weak voice: “Quit Nadia. Theres no point because it’s almost impossible to write a best seller. You are wasting your time. Sit and watch TV instead or just go out”The champion voice says: “Nadia. Every best seller author started somewhere. Every success starts with an idea and no one has ever had certainty that they would win at the beginning of a project. But you have to try. It is possible. Open your laptop, sit your ass down and grind even if you don’t feel like it!”

Weak Voice: “It’s too early and too cold to get out of the bed. Anyway your first appointment is at 11.  It’s not a big deal if you sleep another hour”The champion voice says: “Alright Nadia, snoozing this morning is backing down. you are giving up. Just wake up at the time you said you will. This is the first win of your day and it builds your character. The fact that it’s hard means you are going the right way”

Weak voice: “I don’t feel like it therefore i won’t do it”The champion Voice says: “Every time you push yourself to do something you must do when you don’t feel like it builds carter and you win every time! You separate yourself from the masses every time so go! “

The weak voice is in all of us. Every champion and successful person will tell you that this voice is a struggle every single day. Don’t think that the guy that wakes up at 5 am every morning  to go for a run skips out of bed whistling melodies with a smile on his face. No. The guy that wakes up at 5 am and  runs everyday will tell you that the moment the alarm goes off, all he feels like doing is pressing the snooze button. He will tell you that every cell of his body is fighting him to stay in that warm bed but what does he do? He gets his ass out of bed!!!  Even though he would love nothing more than to put his head back on the sweet pillow and continue dreaming, he still pushes himself out of bed because he knows what it makes of him to do so. He knows what his goals are and his feelings will never get in the way of what needs to get done. Period. With consistency, this gives him a real type of confidence that very few have.


The push Mentality


Weak people don’t push themselves to do nothing. They just go with the flow but you know what also goes with the flow? Dead fish! The difference between the winners and the losers is in the push. The push to let the champion voice take over. It is so difficult, ill give you that! But it’s so worth it! Most people are weak. And when you choose the mentality of push, that’s when you become somebody.

There’s a moment when your champion voice comes on and  you either listen and act; or ignore and stay down. That is your choice. I would suggest not to take it lightly and always choose the hard way. This choice that seems so unimportant is  really everything! Your brain is hardwired to trick you and kill any idea or discipline by convincing you to stay comfy and fuzzy where you are. It wants you to stay in your comfort zone. You must acknowledge the way your mind works and decide to do otherwise. The goal is to let the Champion Voice take over.


people don’t become a legend or a success by accident. They work hard and claim that voice everyday. There are no overnight successes, remember that! Success is push after push day in and day out.


Start here

I made a decision to listen to the Champion Voice and I will not lie to you: it freaken suckssssssss most of the time. Once I figures out what my goals were, I broke it down into daily disciplines.

So I started to wake up every morning at 7 am. I know it’s not that early but I was someone who was never consistent or on a schedule in that aspect. And beyond that? At the end of my showers in the morning, I shock my system for the last 30 seconds by turning the water to ice cold. ouchhhhhh ouch ouch! I know ice cold water is great for my system and so i do for my health benefit. But more than this, I do it metaphorically to show my inner self who’s taking the lead now.: My champion voice. The first time i did the cold shower thing, I will not lie to you i shed tears of anger! I was so angry because my weak voice was like “why the hell are you doing this i don’t like it!!! Stop this i hate it.”  Do i Like it? Absolutely not! NO way! No how! I hate it with every fibre of my being if I’m being honest. But every day, everyday i do it. and everyday, i win. I win over my weak voice.


Little things

You will need to establish what are the little things that can change your life. You have to start by knowing what it is you must do to get the life you want. And once you know what you want, you need to break it down into daily tasks.

small and steady wins the race. The fastest way to change your life is in the little routines. If you don’t know where to start, i suggest you start here:

  • Work out every single day
  • Wake up at a pre set time
  • Do your morning ritual everyday

Start with these. You will see, its not as easy as you think it is…YOu must be consistent at it. Thats is the goal. To keep grinding when you don’t feel like it.

I hope you decide to listen to your inner champion voice.


Theres no better feeling than knowing you own your day because you can push yourself to do what must be done.

There’s no life like it…


Thanks for reading Friend


Nadia Farag xxx

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