The complete guide to becoming Great! Massive inspiration here!

What is greatness?

Greatness is living your true potential. Greatness is living life fully the way you imagined it to be! Greatness is seeing how powerful you are no matter what others have done or said to you in the past! Greatness is taking leaps of faith into what feels right to YOU no matter what others think! Greatness my friends, is having the balls to be who you were meant to be in this life! There’s not one unique definition of greatness. To one person, greatness is to become a monk on the hills of the Himalayas, to another, it’s to build a billion dollar company.

The fact that you are searching an article on greatness tells me that you are more awake than 90% of the population! I would like to congratulate you for craving to become all you can be! I think it takes a little bit of a rebel quality to get outside the most travelled path. And You my friend, have my respect!


This article will give you 10 winning mindsets for Greatness. Being great is simple. I said it was simple. I didn’t say it was going to be easy! It takes guts, it takes courage and it takes boldness to be great. But all of this starts with a decision. You must first decide to become great. You need to decide to live beyond what feels comfortable to you. Once you take this decision, there is no going back. A new world and a new reason for living will unravel before you. Your life will take a new turn. You will finally have a freaken great reason to wake up in the morning! And that, WITHOUT SNOOZING A COUPLE OF HUNDRED TIMES!  Sounds great doesn’t it?

Take a stand ladies and gentlemen! Take a stand for your life! Life is passing you by. Running you by actually! You MUST save your own life. You must. We live as if we’ll be here forever but the truth is, we’re not. Soon our time will be up.

#1 Tip to becoming Great: Fear needs to go!

Have you realized just how many people do NOT truly enjoy life!? Look at people around you.

Assignment:  Sit at a bench and watch people walk by. I promise you this, most people will have a look of seriousness and anxiety on their faces.

Lots of people are living miserably, hating their jobs and doing what they hate day after day! Why don’t they get out of the is cycle you ask? FEAR! Fear is the biggest blocker of Greatness.Fear is the killer of dreams and the inhibitor of action. Fear is what keeps us stuck in a mediocre life!

Fear could be the fear of success: What if my idea works out and I don’t have a life anymore. What if i can’t deliver ? Or the fear of failure: What if it doesn’t work out? What will people say? So what do you end up doing? YOU FREEZE and stay where you are! You tell yourself  that your life is not that bad. Or look around you in comparison and say to yourself that most people are living like you, so it should be ok! But let’s be honest here: you know deep down inside that it isn’t.

You need to decide once and for all that you will use fear as a motivator from now on. Will Smith said that he gets an obsessive need to face his fears. But you know what the good news is? THIS IS A LEARNABLE SKILL! Yes, you can train yourself to face your fears and get so good at it that it becomes automatic! Start small and work your way up.

My personal example; I used to be so afraid of public speaking. So much so that i used to get knots in my stomach a month ahead of a  presentation! (yes I said a month!). To make matters worst, i would blank out during a presentation and hardly remembered anything! Then I got a position at a big corporation. I was so happy. Problem: the job entailed DAILY  public speaking!!! I did what i knew how to do best, i quit after a few years because i couldn’t handle it. I didn’t have that mindset of facing my fears head-on. Instead, I ran away. They called me back. My boss at the time kept telling me she felt I had it in me. I thought she was nuts. But then something came over me. I thought, running aways means giving up. If I give up now, I’ll always run away. I told myself,  I’ll try it again but this time, with the goal of facing my fear! I didn’t have to love it, I just had to work on myself and try get comfortable doing the uncomfortable.  Well ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report that 3 years later, with lots of hard work and dedication, I am no longer nervous to present and I actually enjoy it! I have spoken infront of 4 to 35 people at a time and a few shows of more than 175 people with a microphone and spotlights in my face!! (Wearing heals might I add!). The pain I had to endure  to get here was so worth it! I won! 

#2 Tip to becoming GreatDo NOT Follow The majority of people

Yes you read right! It is human nature to copy what is widely considered as acceptable in fear of being ostracized. Sadly, the majority of people (I said the majority, not all people) are unhappy in their lives. Society states that we should graduate, go to work for a big corporation, marry, have kids, work until we are 65, retire and start living. Look, if that’s what makes you feel alive and happy, then by all means, do it!

If not, then create your own path! Notice, I used the word create and not the word follow. Because you will need to make it happen for yourself to find greatness. If you feel uneasy thinking that this is all your life will ever be, that means you are craving for something more or something different! So come on! DO IT! If you still have air in your lungs my friend, this means it isn’t too late! I don’t care of you are 16 or 85 years old! If you are alive, then you still have time to change things around and become great! There are no big enough reasons NOT to become great. Nope! NONE! Not even one!


#3 Tip to becoming Great: What separates the winners from the losers are ACTIONS!

Nothing can replace action. Nothinggggggg! Get this inside your brain. You can have the best mindset, read the best books, listen to the most inspiring speech ever, have a million dollar idea, but if you don’t act on it, it is worth what? YOU GUESSED IT: IT IS WORTH  NOTHING! NADA! If you don’t cultivate a mindset of acting on your ideas DAILY, the rest of this article makes no difference.

I say daily because if you are reading this, to me you are ahead of the game. Less Brown says that in life, there are winners, there are losers and there are people who don’t know how to win. If you are reading this, It makes me think  that you are either a winner or a person who doesn’t know how to win… yet!

You wanna write a book? Do it! You wanna invent a flying toaster? Do it! You wanna open a soda shop? Do it. You wanna start painting landscape at 70 years old? Do it! You wanna sky dive? Do it! Nobody believes in your idea? Do it! They laugh at you? Do it! They keep laughing at you? Keep doing it! You failed the first time? Do it again!  They tell you it won’t work out? Do it anyway! DO IT! DO IT DO IT! Do it all the way to greatness! Most inventions were turned down by many people but they still decided to go ahead and do it!

Colonel Sanders of KFC got rejected 1005 times before someone said YES! Become a person who is strong enough to hear 1005 times the word NO and keep doing it! With every NO you get, YOU ARE CLOSER TO A YES!

Watch this video;

Just do it By Art Williams

I love what Will Smith says to his son in the Pursuit of HappYness. He said; ”You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.” Ah! GOOSEBUMPS! 

Have you heard people say, “Oh he got lucky! I could’ve thought of this stupid idea!” Truth is,  luck has nothing to do with it! The difference between them and the person who made it is….. (drumroll please)….. ACTIONNNN! If you think of the best idea in the WHOLE world but don’t act on it, congratulations; you just lost!


That quote is true for hockey, but also true for anything in life!

Be careful of the Perfection trap; Do things well, but don’t aim to do them perfectly. Perfection is an illusion. Being focused on perfection will be counter-productive. You have more chances of success is you publish 10 good books in 10 years than trying to perfect 1 single book in 10 years. Think of the law of average.  I am not saying to do things in a sloppy way, just make sure you balance the perfection level you are seeking.  Perfection is an illusion that is unattainable  Focus on making things happen instead.  Perfection can be an indirect way not to take action. It could be fear based. Don’t get fooled. 


#4 Tip to becoming Great: Crush that negative inner voice

Ah that negative voice! You know what i’m taking about!

Well, It takes three things to win it over.

First, self-awareness: You need to be aware when your mind is talking sh@t!

Second, understand that your mind is not telling you the truth. You need to understand that it’s simply an old record repeating itself over and over again and not the absolute truth. Don’t accept those comments to be the truth. That voice sometimes is repeating what others have said to you when you were a child or later in life. We heard the word no way more than the word yes. So you can imagine how negative our minds are wired!

Finally, replace negativity by positivity.

Focus on noticing those negative self-talk comments and don’t accept them as the truth! That voice is in your control. It needs to support your dreams, it needs to build you up and It needs to believe in you!

For example, you get the idea to write a book. Your mind goes “What? You can’t write a book. You never wrote a book! What makes you think anyone will wanna read it! You’ll FAIL!” First thing to do in this crisis is to be aware that your mind is telling you this. Second, do not…. I repeat, DO NOT accept this as the truth! Don’t accept this to be right or absolute! Finally, Change the thought to “Yes its true I have never wrote a book before but I will learn. If  write daily for the next few months, I will get better and better everyday. I can do this! All popular author started from nothing just like me! Yes I can!” And take action to greatness right away!



#5 Tip to becoming Great; Work towards something more, develop your flash ideas

You don’t need to leave your job to be happy or to be great. Work towards your dreams while working at your current job. That’s where the magic happens. Suddenly you feel alive because you have a bigger purpose! Some lucky people find that purpose at their daily jobs. To all of you I say ; AWESOME! But that wasn’t the case for me! If you are like me, you will start to view your job as a  simple means to an end. However, your true passion is that other thing you’re working on! That is what keeps you up at night from excitement and makes you get up super early in the morning!… without SNOOZINGGGGGG!!! Finally there’s a reason to wake up in the morning: IT’S CALLED BACON!! Just kidding I’m a vegetarian!

Some ideas come in a flash. Make it a habit of developing them! You never know how far they can go. If one day that idea flourishes into something bigger, you can then quit your job if you wish to. But if you never work on anything, chances are you will get nothing more! Nothing or rarely something will fall from the sky on your lap!

#6 Tip to becoming Great: Be totally unreasonable and BOLD to become Great!

Ah, this is my favourite one! You gotta make things happen! You gotta be bold, loud and courageous in your approach! You gotta shake your life and cause the waves! You can’t wait around to become great! You gotta twist, turn, push, pull life around! You can’t just stand still and expect a super cool life to fall on your lap. EUH, Nope, Sorry, not gonna happen!

Have you heard about Pet Rocks!? Silly funny idea that made millions of dollars! Picture this guy pitching you the idea when it was still just an idea. Yup, I think we would have all told him: “Come on man be serious! You are unreasonable!” But who’s laughing now?  It’s that exact quality that made it big! Most innovative ideas are new one! It takes someone to be completely nuts to even think about it! Imagine inventing the light bulb or  the first computer when those concepts didn’t even exist! Not only that they didn’t exist, people could hardly imagine them in their minds because nothing even close existed! Yes it takes mad crazy awesome people to change the world!  BECOME UNREASONABLE to become GREAT!


#7 Tip to becoming Great: It is better to share the benefits of winning by building a team than to be greedy and never start!

Most people prefer to never gain a thing or keep their ideas to themselves because they can’t do it alone and refuse to share the benefit! What?! It’s better to have half of a hundred dollars and share the other half than to get nothing at all! I personally love to develop an idea as a team! Why? because its fun but also because I need a good kick in the butt sometimes!

If you’re dream can benefit from a team, believe me, 2 people can accomplish way more than 1 person alone!


#8 Tip to becoming Great: Associate yourself with unreasonable people to become great!

You can’t be nuts with crazy ideas and associate yourself with someone who is too afraid or negative and hinders you to move forward. It’s important to differentiate between intelligence and negativity. It’s important to know which is which. If your idea partner says it won’t work because it is unfeasible, better to not start and loose money and time. It is ok to follow his lead if it’s is based on facts. But so many people are just plain negative!!! They will find all the ways why something won’t work. I say: GET RID OF THOSE NEGATIVE VIBES AND FIND YOURSELF PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE SOLUTION DRIVEN!

So many people give up before even starting! I need people that are insane like me and say, YES i think thats a great idea, let’s do it!

Too many people are reasonable! Too many people live by the rules and think inside the box! You gotta be a little rebel! I love what Arnold Schwarzenegger said. He said if you wanna succeed, you gotta break the rules! Not the law, but break the rules! Too many people say you can’t do this or you can’t do that, so break the rules! I don’t think inside the box but it took me  until this year to find a few partners that think like me! Many people don’t wanna take risks or create new ideas. They are problem focused. Look for team members that are thinking outside the box just like you and help you move forward to greatness.


#9 Tip to becoming Great: Take advice or pitch new ideas to people who are already where you wanna go!

Mistake number 1; Talking about something to someone who never succeeded in that area!You know what i’m talking about, we’ve all done it! Talking about investment to people who are broke. Talking about your innovating ideas to someone who is stuck in a  9 to 5 job because he is afraid of risking a thing. Asking marriage advice to someone who is divorced or in an unhappy relationship! Be careful who you listen to. Use your head! If you wanna be unreasonable, you need to talk to people who succeeded in being unreasonable! People will crush your ideas if you talk to the wrong ones! I did that for years! I made the mistake of taking relationship advice from people who were single or taking business advice from people who were lazy!

And the funny thing is everyone wants to give advice! Even if they recognize they are not in position to do so! They son’t say, “Oh sorry buddy, but I think I am not suited to give you advice, I don’t have winning experience in that subject”. Instead, they sit down, cross their legs and start with sermons full of empty opinions and advices on what you should do! And believe me, most of those comments will be negative! Observe that for fun next time. Do it consciously and see what happens.  Instead of believing anything and everything from anyone, ask yourself “Is this person where i would like to be in this area of my life? Did this person earn the right to give me useful advice in this area of my life from his past experiences? ” If the answer is YES, then dive on in! You can learn from a person’s mistakes as much as their successes.

Following bad advice can cost you a lot in life, and i’m not talking only about money! Follow a couple of wrong advices and your whole life can deteriorate quite fast.

My own example; Surprisingly, people who have made it in certain areas of your life will love nothing more than to share advice with people who are interested! Use that! I asked someone I know how he became a millionaire. He said that rarely people had asked him that question. He shared with me his whole strategy. why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from systems that already have been proven to work!?


#10 Tip to becoming Great: Taking calculated risks should become one of your power habit;

Most of us do thing subconsciously. We don’t stop and think if thats the best way to do thing. Let’s change that, shall we? Make it a habit to do things the best way possible. Rethink every little actions you do on a daily basis to start. Even the way you eat of prepare a meal. Ask yourself “is this the best way to do this?”. You will be surprised on how we do things just because we are used to doing them a certain way and not because they are necessarily better.

Remember, no risks, no win! Lets be honest here. If you try to develop an idea, two things can happen: you might fail or you might win. But in order to win, you must risk it. Believe me, you loose way more by not trying. If you don’t get the outcome you had hoped for, you still gain experience, lessons and strength!

When I say calculated, I am telling you to use your mind! Most of our decisions and actions come from habit. I suggest you research first and then dive in. But if you do not try an idea, only one thing can happen; NOTHING!


#11 Tip to becoming Great: Take fallbacks like a champ and keep going;

Focus focus and focus on your goal! Don’t give up at the face of difficulty! Keep going! Another NO brings you closer to a YES so if you encounter obstacles, just keep persevering! Most successful people who had huge dreams said their dream came true right before they were almost ready to quit but decided not to! So keep going!



A fulfilling LIFE WORTH LIVING! You have a reason to wake up every morning for something more! Life gets exciting and colourful! Aint this the point of living anyway?!

DONT KNOW WHERE TO BEGING? Here are 3 crucial steps to start: 

Step 1; The TRUTH will set you free

First, you must be honest with yourself. I had to admit to myself that a life of working for someone else was not what would make me proud or happy. I had to recognize that where I was, was not fulfilling for me. Again, you have to look at what is good for you. It might be scary to be honest with yourself because once you are, it’ s hard to go back and pretend.

Make a statement and declare that you want more! Declare that you are on your way to greatness. This part is actually really fun.

I felt free the moment I started working on my Dreams.


Step 2; Believe that it’s possible and believe in you.

I am not telling you to believe that it will happen. Just believe it might. Try to see it in your mind. Believe that it’s a possibility. And believe that you can! That goes back to the way you talk to yourself!

Step 3; Let your heart speak the truth

Stop looking for validation and acceptance around you. The only validation is your heart. You need to fade out everyone else’s voice, what people think you should do or shouldn’t do. You need to just hear your heart. That could take a bit of time. To me it happened fairly fast when I decided to be honest with myself. I knew right there and then. You need to hear your soul on that one. Looking back at what made you tick as a child might help. Meditation can also do wonders.


Step 4: Goals are the map to your dreams

Without deadlines and a solid plan, your dreams are illusions and delusions!  You need to have trackable goals. For example, you decide to write 30 minutes a day or a full chapter a day. This is result you can track.



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Nadia Farag

‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag