The Power of DECISIONS! 1 Decision can shape the Rest of Your Life!

If there is one concept that should scare you or wake you up, this would be it. 1 concept that should make you freak out or get you excited about living, here it is:  THE POWER OF DECISIONS.


Take a minute and think about this: If you chose to do A instead of B, there is a consequence. Whatever path you choose, there will be a consequence. Really take a minute to sink that in. Yes, a little longer… I know right?

Think of a decision you took way back, (and may I remind you, not taking a decision is also a form of decision) and think of the different outcome you would be in right now! Wether it was a career path you chose or a guy you decided to marry or not. Wether you moved into a bigger place or decided to travel. Wether you buy your coffee every morning or decide to invest that 2$ in a savings account. EVERYTHING YOU DO IN LIFE WILL HAVE A CONSEQUENCE. so….. my advice to you; start using your head and pay attention to every decision you take day after day!! Do not let your subconscious mind take over! Decide intentionally. Big or small, every decision is of colossal importance because they add up. 



Most people take decisions based on short term gratification. You know, that feeling of feeling awesome IN THE MOMENT no matter what it will cost you later. You know what I’m talking about: buying that awesome pair of sunglasses when its not in your budget, spending too much on a new car you can’t afford, smoking that cigaret while out with friends, hitting McDonalds instead of going to the gym, watching TV instead of studying, horsing around instead of working on your dreams or cheating on your spouse because you were seduced in the moment. We all bite that fish hook at some point and we do things that feel good in the moment instead of stopping and thinking of the long term consequence.




Instead of living like most people do, let me suggest another way to spend your time. Every time you take a decision, make sure you are thinking long term. Make sure you ask yourself “Will this benefit my life, my soul, my path and the people around me?”. If the answer is no, choose another road to take. Taking bad decisions is the easy way out! Believe me! Staying in that bad relationship is was easier than facing the breakup. Smoking that cigaret because you are out and having fun is way easier than saying no and standing up for your health! Staying home watching TV is way easier than going outside for a run! Choose the path less traveled and stand up for your life!! 

Become a winner! You wants to live the easy way? YOU? Then expect a poor boring life!!! Who wants to live there?? Thats right, I said it! You will live a mundane life, on the side line, wishing and hoping that some great thing will happen and rescue you… Sorry to burst that bubble but probably nothing ever will! You have to make things happen! A magical exciting life will not just fall on your lap! Some exciting adventure won’t seek you out while you are watching your 4th hour of boring TV and eating that 3rd burger of the week! Who wants a life  like that with no colour or zest!?? Hello people!!! We live once! ONCE IS ALL WE GOT! That day you spend watching TV will never come back!!! It’s gone! Why the hell would you want it colourless and easy! Hell no! Give me the hard stuff! Let me breathe in the whole day! Let me shape the life I want to live! Every minute let me choose to win big! Let me drain every dream I have, let me write every book I wish to, let me indulge in every moment God had blessed me with! Let me risk the comfort for excitement! That’s the attitude of a winner! Your life will take on another meaning! You will live a life of a winner! And amazingly, You will inspire others to do more.

When you are about to order that cheeseburger, ask yourself if your action comes from being the best you can be. I promise you, this will have an impact on every aspect of your life! You will take better care of the people around you, your body,  your career,  your love life, your finances and your health!



Most people live a routine life. doing the same things over and over again never wondering why they do it!  I am asking you to invest in you. From now on, I ask you to deliberately plan every hour of the day. Live intentionally. make goals for yourself and do not waste time. Make the best of your life. Stop wasting minted and hours sulking on what is gone or what was. Stop wasting time imagine what is. Your scenarios are mostly never going to happen anyway so might as well live in the now and not IN YOUR HEADDDDDD!! Now is all you got. How many tomorrows do you have? no one knows! If that doesn’t scare you, I not know what will!  Yesterday is just a memory. Period. Its just an illusion. So work NOW to make tomorrow better. Risk it. Love with all you have. Jump in and get wet! Don’t worry, God never forgets one of his own! Get outside of the routine and thrive. Grow. Intentionally shake the routine and make it collapse. Make BIG goals for yourself and make your life count for yourself. Stop living like everyone wished you too and listen to your heart. Act on your ideas. Come on…i know you want to!


Ready, Set, Go…  evaluate! 

Everyday, sit yourself down at the end of the day with a journal and evaluate your decisions. Never be too hard on yourself but demand to grow and get better everyday! If you chose to eat a salad instead of that burger, celebrate! write it down, make it count! IF you took a bad decision like flipping the bird to a bad driver (don’t pretend you have never done it!!) its ok! Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow!!! There is no better way to live than living well! Well means to do the best you can everyday of your life. And living well means to stretch and challenge yourself to do more! Living well is to live every moment richly!






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Nadia Farag

‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag

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