This One is for The Ones Who are Afraid


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This article is very dear to my heart. So dear in fact that I hope you milk every word I write.

Fear. Fear is a Very Sharp Knife.

Many of us live in fear. We think about what might happen and we worry. We worry. We overthink. We replay the past. We envision the future. We think that by keeping things we want at arm length, we are keeping safe from crashing and burning. We convince ourselves that we are preparing for the worst.

This sounds totally safe except theres one catch: By keep the things you are afraid of at arms length, you also keep the good stuff far away. You cannot truly live happiness if you push pain away. Only when you taste pain can you really taste the sweet nectar of  joy.

The best thing that happened to me in my entire life was having ,my worst fear take place. It was the most freeing event of my 36 years on this earth. As I type this I am filled with gratitude.  Before that event. I lived my life afraid for the most part. Closed off from my light.  Afraid to open up too much in fear of getting hurt later. Afraid to try something new in fear of it not working out. Afraid to be me in fear of being rejected. Afraid, afraid afraid and afraid! Afraid as if I had all the time in the world to waste it on stupid fear!


Please read this well friend:

Death is a certainty. It is. We don’t know when and we don’t know how. It’s just the only thing that is certain. At the face of death, all the unimportant things melt away. So please, stop being afraid to be yourself. You do not have the luxury of unlimited time to figure this out “one day”. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show a person who you truly are even if you’ve been broken before. Again., You do not have the luxury of unlimited time. It is better to have lived something fully and feel intense pain when you lose it than to play it half assed… why? Because it will hurt anyway!

You can take pain, don’t worry! You are human. You are made strong! If you crash and burn, something will happen after the pain. You will walk in triumph. You will wear that scar on your heart proudly and it won’t stop you from jumping in again. If you close yourself off after something crushes you, that very thing that hurt you wins. But when you choose to get back up and open up more than you ever had, YOU WIN!


Let’s change our fears

-Instead of fearing to fall in love and get hurt, let’s fear to never experience true love

-Instead of fearing starting a business idea and failing, let’s fear to live a life where you  never start a business!

-Instead of fearing someone breaking your heart, let’s fear to not giving it a full shot !


Become fearless.

For the love of God do it. There’s no life like it. It is insane to live in fear. Life is so unpredictable. You might have a day left or 50 years left. No one knows. I write this because my life has truly started this year. Before this, I was half alive. For 36 years, I was half alive. I have tears of joy saying this because if that event hadn’t taken place, How many years would have I stayed this way? 1 year? 5 years? 20 years? Just thinking about this makes me feel so damn lucky.  And I’m not sorry. I do not regret anything because it was suppose to happen this way. And I hope… oh I hope that if you are anything like I was, that maybe those words can reach you deep and wake you up.

I hope you liked it Friend,


Nadia Farag xxx

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‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag