What Everybody Ought to Know About SELF-WORTH!

Ok, here’s me being dramatic but humour me.



Do you really know how much you’re worth? As a woman? As a man? I mean really reallyyyyyy know it? With every fibre of your being? Do you know that you are capable of achieving your wildest dreams? Did you know that most people live just to get by? We only live once and they choose to make enough money to pay off their bills, they sit and watch tv to pass time. Euhhhhhh is it me or that is totally messed up??? We live once and they live their lives with no adventure, no zest, no spice!! Do you know why that is? They do not know what is possible for them. They do not know how much they can really achieve. It is a sad sad thing!




It’s quite very simple. We often over complicate things but really its not complicated at all!

Close your eyes and imagine the very best life you would want for yourself.Dream big. From finances, health, fitness, relationships, career etc. I am asking you to dig within yourself and not answer what your parents would want you to answer. I mean really really imagine the best scenario possible. Now come a little closer and let me whisper you a little secret: All that you imagined right now is possible. Yes it is. All possible. Actions is what separates the winners from the losers.




If there is a gap between where you are right now and how your ideal life would look like, there could be 2 reasons for that: Either you are working towards your dreams (and when i say working towards them, that means you are taking daily actions to make those come true and not just talk about them like most people do) Or you do not know how much you’re worth. And of course those dreams must be feasible! (I can’t dream to grow wings like a bird if you know what I mean!)



A person that knows his or her worth will go after what they believe they deserve, and they will go big because they feel worthy of all those things! Do you think a woman who knows how awesome she is will spend her time with a disrespectful cheating fella?! Don’t think so! And if she does, I am sorry to tell you but she does not know her worth! She might verbally say she does, but her actions prove other wise.  Do you think a guy who knows how talented and unique he is and thinks he’s the bomb would settle for a 30K salary a year? I doubt it!




The truth is, each and every one of us are powerful beyond belief and can make huge things happen in our lives. Society has shown us that our destiny should be to work until we are 65 at a  9 to 5 job that we hate and we believed those lies! Truth is, your life can be as magical, as fulfilling and as adventurous and you can imagine it to be! I say, get back that power! And that power comes from making changes!



You don’t know your worth if:

If you don’t earn the salary you would love to make,

If you If you are being treated amazingly with affection and love and respect from your significant other,

If you spend your precious time watching too much TV,

If your internal dialogue is cruel and unforgiving towards yourself

If you don’t do what YOU love,

If you don’t stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to reach for more,

If you don’t have the body you wish to have,

If you are not feeling excited and passionate in your life,

If you don’t have the relationships you always dreamed of,

If you are living for other people

If you are not living a fun life (in your own eyes),

If you are not in love with yourself inside out as you are

If you are not living intentionally and building your dream life…

It s time to build that Worth within!


Actions is the tangible aspect of what you believe in! Words mean nothing. Most people will SAY what they wish was, but not really what is. 


Guys,  PLEASE be honest with yourself! If f you have excuses to all those IFS, its time you look at yourself in the mirror.  Only you know the truth. I know I’m being hard here but it’s because I went trough it and I was lying to myself for soooooo long!! In my head I wasn’t where I wanted to be and it was other people’s fault, or the system’s fault or even the economy! BULLSHITTT!!! Take responsibility for where you are once and for all and start to change! If you are lazy, then look at yourself in the mirror and say the truth!

Guys, we are closer to death every single day. Do you understand? Live now!! Don’t believe society and your own doubts! You are so powerful!! Use all that you have! Next time your inner voice tells you that your ugly, stupid or to eat that piece of cake. Tell it to SHUT THE HELL UP!!! That voice is not the truth!! God has created you! You are light, you are power, you are worthy of everything beautiful in this world so start acting like it!

Write the goals that you wanna achieve and start now !!!!




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Nadia Farag

‘’ Never ever fear. Never ever stop. Never ever be forgotten. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable. Be unreasonable. Be Real. Be you.’’ -Nadia Farag

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